Equine Therapy for Lolita.
Equine Therapy

Lolita riding on the horse, Snow White (Blanche Neige), to improve her sense of coordination and stability.

Dental Hygiene is very important!
Daily Routine: Dental Hygiene is very important!

Lolita likes to brush her teeth with her favorite tooth brush. Her sense of touch is important. Simple tasks like brushing teeth, changing and feeding require help at all times.

Relaxation time for Lolita!
Expression: Relaxation time!

Lolita is very expressive. She smiles, laughs or cries to express her feelings and needs. She recognizes voices, sounds, smells and tastes well.

Physiotherapy time for Lolita!
Physical Therapy: Physiotherapy time!

Lolita has been doing physiotherapy since birth. She mostly enjoys swimming.

Lolita with her friends.
Socializing: With my friends.

Lolita enjoys the presence of children and familiar people. She likes to play (touch a ball, listen to music, dance and more).

Lolita as Santa's Elf.
Family: Santa’s Elf

Lolita celebrates holidays, birthdays and other family events. She’s very close to her parents and grandparents.

Lolita going for a walk.
Learning: Going for a walk

Lolita takes a few steps in her walker.

Lolita loves to swing!
Playtime: I love to swing!

Lolita likes to swing at the park, toboggan in the winter and play with her musical toys.